Hello, World!

I discovered Notion in search of a better Google Keep, Quip, and OneNote. To my surprise, it covers my use cases of the three apps combined, and even beyond that. It has been about a year since then, and I can't imagine myself going back.

Notion has all the checklists that I needed:

... and more:

While migrating my VPS to a new instance (may write about it in the future), I stumbled upon https://fruitionsite.com: how to use your own custom domain to serve Notion. It's also very much a coincidence because I just set up Cloudflare yesterday. Less than 2 minutes later I was able to get my Notion served on my domain with additional 30 minutes debugging redirection issues with Chrome.

It has the clean Notion's looks and feels. It has neat breadcrumbs on the top left, which is helpful in the context of navigating a website. A dark mode switcher is built-in out of the box. But the coolest part of it is anyone can actually see the content updated in real-time as I edit it!

As much as I like having Notion "hosted" on my personal site, this still feels hacky, to say the least. Things can be broken anytime Notion gets new updates. I am still looking forward to the official support for custom domains, even though it is not clear when. I would not even hesitate to pay for it, because of how much I use Notion — and how much Notion helps me — on a daily basis.

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